Dion McArthur, sales agent for BenMac Real Estate

Dion McArthur

Real Estate Agent at BenMac Real Estate

  • Service Areas: Sosua, Cabarete and surrounding areas
  • Specialties: Real estate sales, Real estate purchasing

About Dion McArthur

Dion McArthur is from Canada and is Erica’s husband. Teamwork makes the dream work. He comes from a background in sales and also has woodworking, masonry and general construction skills. Having remodelled several villas in Sosua he has knowledge of the products and techniques needed to maintain a home in the Dominican Republic.
Having worked in sales for many years he listens to the client and works diligently to make their dreams come true. Dion inspects all our listings and can often make suggestions to clients if they want to change any aspect of their home.
Working together Dion and Erica are a complete team and support their clients from the beginning search to the after care.

Language: English, Spanish

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