Meet Our BenMac Rental Agents

Welcome to our full service rental and property management centre. Let's start by introducing ourselves. We are Kendall and Drew Porter and we live in Sosua full time. Originally from Canada, we moved here with our family and are living the dream. We can help you live your dream, too. Offering property management that is customized to your needs is what we do best. From advertising your rental...

Ruth Sosa, independant legal consultant for BenMac Real Estate

Ruth Sosa

Ruth is an independent legal consultant for BenMac Real Estate. Her practice focuses on real estate, corporate and immigration matters. A magna cum laude graduate of the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU), Ruth has worked as assistant lawyer for a civil court in Santo Domingo, as well as having her private practice there. In 2007 she relocated to the North coast, working for over 6...

Erica Bentley, sales agent for BenMac Real Estate

Erica Bentley

Erica Bentley is originally from Canada and first moved full-time to Sosua in 2016 after visiting the area many times over the years. She made it her home and has completely fallen in love with the Dominican Republic. She and her husband bought their first home in Sosua in 2017, renovated it, sold it and then bought their second villa. After extensive remodeling they sold that as well and have recently...

Dion McArthur, sales agent for BenMac Real Estate

Dion McArthur

Dion McArthur is from Canada and is Erica's husband. Teamwork makes the dream work. He comes from a background in sales and also has woodworking, masonry and general construction skills. Having remodelled several villas in Sosua he has knowledge of the products and techniques needed to maintain a home in the Dominican Republic.Having worked in sales for many years he listens to the client and works...

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